Reflection on 2020

Before the New year comes around I have a regular practice to pause and reflect on what I have learned over the previous year. Thinking about accomplishments as well as disappointments. This past year 2020 has given us all more time to pause than any other year I can remember.

First I send my thoughts and deepest sympathy to anyone who has been unwell or lost a member of their family or adversely been impacted financially or otherwise. It really has been a challenging year. What we can focus on for 2021 is what we discovered was most important to us and how we coped in 2020 and perhaps surprised ourselves!

Personally I was able to spend more time with my two daughters under the guise of home schooling. Whilst this was a challenge for all of us it created special memories especially in Summer of having lunch together between juggling work and getting to understand more around their curriculum and how they learn and what brings them joy which is the small things.

I also supported individuals with their wellbeing and how to focus on what matters most. How to adopt rituals that they can sustain into the lockdown of 2021 to maintain their energy and positive outlook.

There were also disappointments – I finished a very special relationship with a partner and whilst I was sad it ended I am so grateful for the memories. It has taught me so much about what I value in a person moving forward and how to communicate my own needs. I have not seen my mum over Christmas which was difficult too, however the celebrations will have to wait until we are allowed to spend time together.

Which brings me to the key question on this first day of January 2021… how will you stay positive and focused in uncertainty? The answer is to create certainty through what you can control and maintain variety to continue to feel joy and happiness.

Rituals are different to routine…. prior to lockdown my days and weeks were never the same involving travel and meeting new people every day. I have not done that since mid March 2020 so what I have done is create that variety in ways I am allowed so that my days working from home never feel the same.

I have created a series of workshops that introduce the concept of holistic wellbeing, how we can get unstuck and focus on a theme that is most important to us. That can be very individual although there are common themes. When you have decided what to focus on I can work with you to create a ritual that you can sustain and achieve within that area of your life.

If this sounds like something you could benefit from as a 1-1 session or for a group of friends / team at work please email me:

[email protected]

Meanwhile stay safe and use the time in lockdown to really think about what is most important to you. You can make this year 2021 your best year yet.