My  Vision

Ironman is a long multi-distance event which taught me so much about life. Determination and mental focus can impact the outcome of sport more than physical fitness… Apply these insights to life and we can all be Olympians

My Story

When I lost my father to Cancer over 20 years ago I was vividly aware of how he had commuted and worked all his life and dealt with his unhappiness in ways that ultimately ended his life at the age of 52. I vowed to incorporate what I am passionate about into my everyday and to help others to live a life of no regrets.

I ran my first marathon in 1999 and it was much more about the lifestyle changes than the race itself….

My Background

I am an identical twin from an Irish Catholic background who studied hard and became a Pharmacist. Life could have continued there… I was restless and it wasn’t enough. I studied Personal training, started to compete in Marathons and Triathlon and relocated to Melbourne, Australia where I lived for 11 years. I had two children there and relocated back to UK in 2013. Australia and competing there as a Professional Ironman (whilst full time working) taught me a lot. The Australian can do attitude is infectious and I studied further to become an ICF Accredited Advanced Practitioner in Life coaching in 2009.

Athlete Application to Life’s Journey

You do not have to be into Sport to apply the principles to Life.  Contact me and we can strategize how you can become an even  Higher Performer….

Katherine O’Hara

BPharm Hons 1994

YMCA Personal Trainer 1999 

ICF Advanced Practitioner 2009

Diploma in the NHS 2019

Know Yourself and Maximise your Strengths  

Life is a journey with potentially  unknown destinations, paths and challenges. Knowing yourself enough to  make the right choices will ensure the experience is unbeatable….

Next Steps…

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