Daily Blogging through the Coronavirus pandemic

No one could have predicted that we would find ourselves potentially isolated from family and friends and with no defined time frame. Being responsible to safe guard fellow human beings could mean life is very different and we need to adjust to a new normal…..

Having never experienced this in my life time I can only relate living through the Corona virus pandemic to an endurance event. We are going to need to pace ourselves and support each other as well as chunk it down into pieces that we know we can achieve. The difference is we do not know when the finish line will be and it could keep moving.

The challenge is different for each of us depending on our employment status and financial situation. We may also be faced with the added challenge of keeping children educated at home and occupied and reassuring them when they miss their friends also.

A few hopefully useful suggestions which will hopefully help in this unprecedented situation 

Distinguish the week from a weekend with defined structure for yourself and family members. Create a timetable and schedule in regular breaks to exercise, be creative and have some fun.

Reframe and focus on what you can do…. making meals together, watching movies and reading together to spend the quality time either for yourself or with your children that is not always possible in everyday busy working life.

Eat mindfully and healthily – portions may have to be smaller if there are shortages and this is a chance to educate ourselves and our children, think about eating differently, cook from scratch and cut out unnecessary snacks.

Movement and exercise where you can and when you can- chunks of daytime exercise whether it be walking, running , yoga or strengthening exercises. Follow online sessions or work out by yourself and make it part of your new routine to embed it as a habit that you can take with you when life returns to normal.

Connection is essential – map out both work colleagues who you can virtually work alongside or friends who you know are there to support you through this. Encourage children to do the same and reach out every day to talk to friends and family with cameras on to make it feel more real. Use it as a time to pick up with friends you have lost touch with or across the globe.

Use it as a time to learn and grow and expand your mind – what is the ONE thing you have been meaning to do? Learn a language, read, gardening, sorting through clothes for charity… now is the gift of time to slow down and start.

Take time to reflect every day whether you are able to meditate or not you will need to calm your mind and focus on one day at a time in order to support your family and friends around you.